western digital HDD 193 Load/Unload counter

The S.M.A.R.T Attribute 193 Load/Unload counter keeps increasing on a SATA 2 hard drive The Load/Unload counter for S.M.A.R.T Attribute 193 continues to increase under some distributions of the Linux Operating system and some Windows applications.
root@localhost:~/bin# hdparm -J30  /dev/sdc

This implementation is not as thorough as the official WDIDLE3.EXE. Use at your own risk!
Please also supply the --please-destroy-my-drive flag if you really want this.
Program aborted.
root@localhost:~/bin# hdparm -J  /dev/sdc

 wdidle3      = 8.0 secs
root@localhost:~/bin# hdparm  --please-destroy-my-drive -J30  /dev/sdc

 setting wdidle3 to 30 secs (or 12.9 secs for older drives)
 wdidle3      = 30 secs (or 12.9 secs for older drives)